Short Course in Discipleship and Leadership Training (DLT)

The DLT is a 6-month non academic training programme specifically designed to address the global culture of the Foursquare movement to:


make disciples, that is, creating a culture of discipleship,


train leaders, that includes, character transformation and skill improvement


understand and minister baptism of the Holy Spirit and operate in Kingdom authority,


address doctrinal drifts from fundamental Foursquare beliefs.

A co–requisite for successfully completing the training is for participants to identify a spiritual leader–mentor with whom they will “do life with” over the course of the programme.

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Learning Outcomes:

Upon completion of this short course, participants will:


understand their role in building a culture of discipleship within their local church.


value the importance of leadership training as part of their own spiritual formation and development as well as for others.


know how to lead individuals through the baptism of the Holy Spirit and to operate in Kingdom authority.


examine doctrinal teachings that are consistent with Foursquare beliefs and practices.


make ministry decisions that reflect global cultural awareness and sensitivity.

DLT Modules:

Minimum Entry Requirements:

  1. Be a born again Christian;
  2. Be literate