Cost of Programmes

L.I.F.E. Bible College, Jamaica is proud to be your flexible and affordable choice of Christian higher education. We understand that a very important factor in your decision to study is the cost of education. We fully understand that high costs of higher education can be prohibitive thus limiting access to only a select few who are able to afford it.

At L.I.F.E. Bible College, we are committed to seeing you personally develop and achieve your goals. With that in mind, we have designed a cost structure that allows us to provide high quality Christian higher education at an affordable cost.

Additionally, we have implemented flexible payment options to assist you in meeting your financial obligations.

  • To apply to the institution, there is a non-refundable JM$1,000 or US equivalent (US $6.5) for application fee.
  • The total tuition for the certificate programme is JM$164,000 or US equivalent (US $1,058).
  • The total tuition for the associate degree is $308,000 or US equivalent (US $1,987).
  • The total cost for the DLT short course is JM$5,000 or US $32.

See breakdown below:

Certificate in Biblical Studies

Year 1

Semester 1
15 x $4,000 per credit
JM $60,000
Semester 2
14 x $4,000 per credit
JM $56,000
12 x $4,000 per credit
JM $48,000
41 x $4,000 per credit
JM $164,000

Associate of Arts in Biblical Studies

Year 2

Semester 1
14 x $4,000 per credit
JM $56,000
Semester 2
10 x $4,000 per course
JM $40,000
12 x $4,000 per course
JM $48,000
36 x $4,000 per credit
JM $144,000
* Jamaican to US dollars is at a current rate of $155.

*Commitment fee – all students must pay their commitment fee of JM$10,000 or US equivalent (US $65) prior to the first day of class. The commitment fee signals to the institution’s administrators that you will be attending classes for that academic period, that is, semester 1, 2, or the summer. The commitment fee is always subsumed in the total tuition cost such that students tuition balance will be the difference of the total for that period minus the JM$10,000 or its US equivalent (US $65).

Discipleship and Leadership Training Course

The total cost for the DLT short course is JM$5,000 or US$32


Students are responsible for sourcing the textbooks for their courses. A list of required textbooks will be given for each course and students are encouraged to purchase e-books and where it is practical, they should get hard copies. All textbooks are available online for purchase, chiefly through Amazon. However, where students are able to access the textbooks by alternative means, they should do so. Textbook acquisition is the responsibility of the student.

Flexible Payment Plan

Our payment plan seeks to facilitate students achieving their personal academic goals. Therefore we seek to make payments as flexible as possible. Following are the options currently available:

  1. Full payment of annual tuition cost.
  2. Full payment of semester tuition cost.
  3. Two installments per semester.
  4. Four installments per semester.
Students are encouraged to speak with a financial counselor to determine the most suitable payment option for them.