Associate of Arts in Biblical Studies

This two–year programme is designed to equip learners who sense a call to Christian ministry with a desire to serve in a variety of areas utilizing foundational ministry skills. 

As an introductory programme, it offers learners opportunities that provide exposure to the field of Biblical Studies as well as lay the foundation for future advanced studies.

Additionally, learners experience in depth spiritual formation necessary for leadership character enrichment. The programme emphasizes practical and experiential learning. Accordingly, learners are required to complete a practicum as part of their learning experience, and are expected to maintain active ministry engagement throughout the course of their studies.

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Learning Outcomes:

Upon completion, graduates of the Associate of Arts in Biblical Studies programme are expected to:


clearly support a biblical/Christian worldview using Scripture and systematic theology as foundations of their expositions.


assume leadership ministry roles that interact directly with family life, church, and local/global communities.


demonstrate a solid foundation in Foursquare doctrine and practices and their relationship to missions, evangelism, and training.


transfer their knowledge of biblical studies to more advanced biblical and theological studies.


make ministry decisions that reflect global cultural awareness and sensitivity.


demonstrate competence in scholarly activities that support advanced academic learning, primarily, critical thinking and research skills.

Career Pathway

Those who earn the Associate of Arts in Biblical Studies will be able to enter ministry as:

Breakdown of Associate of Arts in Biblical Studies Per Year

Year 1

Year 2

Students may exit after the first year with only the certificate or may choose to continue in the programme until all courses are completed in the second year for the associate degree.


All students in the Associate of Arts programme should report to their academic adviser 90 hours of practical ministry in the second year of the programme. Approval for the area of ministry should be sought prior to start date. Signed Practical Ministry forms should be returned to the main office before student begin service. The aim of the practicum hours is to facilitate the development of the head, heart, and hands for ministry.

Minimum Entry Requirements:

  1. Be a born again Christian;
  2. Five (5) Caribbean Examination Council CSEC subjects with grades I, II, III;
    Three (3 ) Caribbean Examination Council CSEC subjects with grades I, II, III, and One unit of the Caribbean Advanced Proficiency Examination with grades 1 – 4;
    A certificate or diploma from L.I.F.E. Bible College or any other recognized tertiary/higher education institution.