Certificate in Biblical Studies

The Certificate in Biblical Studies offers learners who successfully complete the first year of the Associate of Arts in Biblical Studies offered at LBC Jamaica some recognition of their achievements. 

This recognition provides those who desire to exit the programme after one year with a credential that can be used in the future to access further studies either at this institution or at another. The programme is geared towards laying the first level of the foundation for building competence and practice in the fields of Biblical Studies and Theology.

Learning Outcomes:

As an articulation course of study for the Associate of Arts in Biblical Studies, graduates are expected to:


formulate compelling explanations of their biblical/theological belief systems.


provide strong support function within a variety of ministry areas.


function effectively on ministry teams as key players delivering desirable outcomes.


matriculate directly into an associate’s degree programme related to theology.


demonstrate the ability to successfully complete the next level of studies.

Certificate in Biblical Studies

Career Pathway

Those who earn the Certificate in Biblical Studies will be able to enter ministry as:

Breakdown of Certificate in Biblical Studies based on two semesters and a summer session

Year 1

Students may exit after the first year with only the certificate or may choose to continue in the programme until all courses are completed in the second year for the associate degree.

Minimum Entry Requirements:

  1. Be a born again Christian;
  2. Five (5) Caribbean Examination Council CSEC subjects with grades I, II, III;
    Three (3 ) Caribbean Examination Council CSEC subjects with grades I, II, III, and One unit of the Caribbean Advanced Proficiency Examination with grades 1 – 4;
    A certificate or diploma from L.I.F.E. Bible College or any other recognized tertiary/higher education institution.